About Paraty

Recognized by UNESCO since 2019 Paraty has become a historical heritage of humanity.
With 35 thousand inhabitants, this charming and picturesque city is known for its narrow streets
the characteristics since the 16th century at the time of its construction.
To this day it preserves its innumerable natural and architectural charms.

Beautiful colonial city, considered a National Historic Landmark, preserves until today its countless natural and architectural charms.

Stroll through the historic center of Paraty is entering another era where walking is slow due to the stones "feet-to-kid" of its streets.

The constructions of their houses and churches reflect a period style and the mysterious Masonic symbols that adorn its walls lead us to imagine how life would be in Brazil of yesteryear. A ban on car traffic in the Center contributes to this trip by the "Time Tunnel".

In the eighteenth century, stood out as important port through which it flowed from Minas Gerais, gold and precious stones that embarked for Portugal. However, constant attacks pirates who took refuge on beaches as Trinity, made the gold route was changed, leading to a big city economic isolation.

After opening the Paraty-Cunha road, and especially after the construction of the Rio-Santos Highway in the 70s, Paraty becomes hub for national and international tourism, due to its good condition and thanks to its natural beauties.

In your area, there is the National Park of Bocaina Mountains, the area of Cairuçu Environmental Protection, where the village of Trindade, the Reserve Joatinga, and also borders on the State Park of Serra do Mar. In other words, Atlantic Forest is everywhere.

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