Realize your dream dive with or without experience..



:: D i s c o v e r  S c u b a
It is an activity that makes it possible for a person who does not have the course conduct a dive equipped with approximately 30 minutes.
This type of diving is always performed with the driving instructor and enabled with confidence.

     Output for accredited dive.

     Practical lesson in pool included.

     Provide sub photography and equipment rental service.

     All outputs accompanied by a divemaster and dive        instructor accredited.

     Daily departure address speedboat fiber with no minimum        limit on the number of divers.




:: Diving course Openwater

     Lodging at the inn L'essence - 3 nights with full breakfast.

     Practice in confined water - pool.

     Wet Coaching (3 sessions) with Daniel Zetune - SALT:        WET Experiences.

     Theoretical course with classroom lessons.

     Check-out on open water with Dive Boats Maracaibo.

     Equipment rental for 4 dives.

     Service on board.

     International Credential.